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Volunteer with IFFO

Are you interested in participating with the IFFO in 2023?
Are you interested in volunteering at IFFO 2023?

Our volunteers are asked to help with any number of tasks, but if we can pair you with a task you prefer, we will try our best!

For more information on the different roles, click here

What days are you available to volunteer?

You may be asked to work only one or several of the days you indicate.

Volunteer Roles 


Help us welcome guests to the 2020 Irish Film Festival. You may be asked to help orient guests as to the ticket table, coat check, washrooms, theatre, etc. 

Ticket Table

Help us manage the ticket table as guests collect their "Collect at the Door" tickets. You may be asked to make change for purchases. 


Help direct guests into the theatre and their seats, checking that they have the correct tickets. 


We like to know how everyone enjoyed the festival. Between films, as guests mingle, help us administer a short survey (using a tablet and online survey) about their experience.

Set-up and Take-down

We can always use extra hands for the set-up (on Friday) and take-down (on Sunday) of the festival.  

Volunter Roles
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