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Celebrating the Best of Ireland and the Irish on Screen


Irish Film Festival Ottawa is a non-profit organization that celebrates Irish culture, language, humour and history through the modern medium of film. Founded in March 2014, the festival showcases recent films of all genres from Irish filmmakers in a three-day event that also incorporates Irish music, dance, and other arts. 


Our vision is to bring Irish film and filmmakers to Ottawa to support and promote Irish culture for the benefit of both Ottawa’s Irish community and the local population, and to inspire and develop Ottawa’s local film-making community. The festival provides a medium through which it is possible to share and promote Irish heritage to not only the Irish Diaspora but Canadians of all ethnicities who wish to learn more about Ireland, its people and its culture.

The festival would not be possible without a dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year to make it happen.


Meet Our Team:

Pat Murray, Damien Fannon, Michelle Branigan, Patricia Willoughby, Eithne Shankar, Laura Hay, Grainne MacRae , Rosemary O’Brien, Julie Pellerin, Judy Sullivan, Margaret Harvey O'Kelly, Suzanna Doherty, Siobhan Rollo, and Stephanie Davy. 

Board of Directors:

The organization carries out its mandate under the guidance of the following: Pat Murray, Michelle Branigan, Damien Fannon, Eithne Shankar, Laura Hay, Rosemary O'Brien, Julie Pellerin, and Margaret Harvey O'Kelly


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