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October 1 2023

Fall Docfest Announced on Irish Radio Canada!

Go to festival sponsor and listen to At Home and Abroad to hear Executive Director announce the program for our fall Docfest 26-30 October online across Canada!

March 13 2023

Tickets are now on sale!

We're so excited to announce tickets are now on sale for the #irishfilmfestivalottawa2023! Our website has synopsizes of each of our films, and a link to buy tickets. Keep in mind, all of our showings for this year are in-person! #irishfilm #ottawa #irish

March 10 2023

Film roster! 

Announcing our official film roster for the IFFO/IFO 2023! We're very excited to see you at our festival, and we hope that you enjoy these films just as much as we do. Stay tuned for more details of each film announced on our socials. #ifo2023 #irish #ottawa #ottawaevents #film

February 24 2023

First film announcement!

We're excited to announce our first film for this year's festival! For our opening night (Friday, April 14th), we'll be screening the 2023 Oscar Nominee for Best Foreign Language film, The Quiet Girl. #irishindiefilm #ottawaevents #ottawa #irish

January 30 2023

We're back!

Hey Ottawa! We're back! We're happy to announce that this year our festival is entirely in person! We look forward to having another great festival in the spring. We can't wait to see you! #irishfilmfestivalofottawa2023 #irishfilmfestivalofottawa #irishindiefilm #Irish


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