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2021/ Mar 4

It's official: 2021 Program

Our 2021 Program is official: including 8 feature films and 3 short films coming to your home cinema in a few weeks!

Stay tune for more information about tickets, screening times, and the IFI International platform

2021/ Feb 28

Introducing IFI International!

Learn more about IFI International, the Irish Film Institute's new service that's helping us bring IFFO 2021 to you!

More film announcements are also happening on our social medias and 2021 Program page. 

2021/ Feb 26

Our first Short Film!

The Ferry is the first of three shorts we'll be screening at IFFO 2021!


Don't miss that and other film announcements on our social medias and our 2021 Program page. 

2021/ Feb 24

First 2 Films Announced!

It's official: A Bump Along the Way and Broken Law will be part of our 2021 program. 


Stay tuned through February and March as we announce our full line-up of films and shorts. Watch the trailers on our 2021 Program page. 

2021/ Feb 16

2021 Virtual Festival Announced!

In partnership with IFI, we are happy to announce IFFO returns in 2021 (virtually). Stay tuned for film and ticket announcements. 


Read our News Release for more details.