9-13 April 2021

2021 Irish Film Festival Ottawa

IFFO 2021 brought the best of Irish cinema 
to your home cinema in April 2021!
Thank you all for your support!
We are excited to announce that we are partnering with
the Irish Film Institute (ifi.ie) to use their new
IFI International service for the 2021 festival.
Our program includes 8 feature films and documentaries and 3 short films this year, as well as Q&A sessions with directors and writers from each film!
How to get access to the 2021 films
  1. Go to www.ifiinternational.ie
  2. Create your Free Account
  3. Browse the film selection on the IFFO page
  4. Purchase access to the films of your choice
    (Use the "Rent" button)
                All films only $5 each! (Festival Bundle: $40)
Check out the 2021 Films 
Synopses, Trailers, Release Dates
How it works
  • Each purchase gives you access to the film of your choice during the Festival period.
  • You can purchase access to the films at any time, until the end of the Festival (April 13).
    • Ticket numbers are limited, so we encourage you to "reserve" your access by completing your purchase early!
  • ​Each film will be stored in your Library on the IFI website until its release date and time for the Festival (see our Program page for more details). 
  • Once the film is released for the Festival, you will have 72 hours to start watching it. 
    • Once you start watching a film, the clock resets and you will have 48 hours to finish watching it (or re-watch your favourite part(s)!)​
Additional Tips

About IFI International

​The IFI International streaming service is a new initiative from 
the Irish Film Institute (IFI), supported by Culture Ireland.
As Ireland’s national cultural institution for film, the IFI provides audiences with access to the finest independent cinema, preserves and promotes Ireland’s moving image heritage through the IFI Irish Film Archive, and provides opportunities for audiences of all ages to learn and critically engage with film.
This new service is a welcome addition to the IFI’s long-running IFI International initiative, a programme which works closely with cultural festivals to bring the best of new and classic Irish cinema to venues around the world.
-Irish Film Institute, www.ifi.ie